When I ask people how long it takes to get back to where they were after they are interrupted by a phone call, a colleague with a “quick question,” an email or instant message ping, I get varying responses. 

Online learning platform Udemy’s 2018 Udemy In Depth: Workplace Distraction Report found 84% of workers estimated when they are distracted they are able to refocus in 30 minutes, but 60% of Baby Boomers believe they can get back to work in less than 5 minutes. 

The report quotes a UC Irvine study that indicates workers tend to compensate for interruptions by working faster, but it is at the cost of increasing our stress levels, frustration and decreasing our motivation.

Prime time for distractions is apparently from midday until 3pm with 46% of workers indicating that this is period they are most distracted.

Whilst this information is interesting, the question is what can you do to minimise your own and your teams distractions and ensure you stay on track and achieve your performance targets?

Need help with getting your team on the same page and minimising disruptions? 

Donna Hanson is a productivity speaker, trainer and educator who works with organisations who want to increase teamwork, collaboration, engagement and productivity with technology they already own.  To learn more about how Donna can help, visit www.donnahanson.com

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