What do your colleagues know?

What do your colleagues know?

I recently worked with a digital marketing manager and one of her team.  They were reviewing two sets of data that needed to be compared and decisions made to determine if the data was up to date.

They were both quite skilled with Excel…..and that was the problem.

They were exploring creating a complicated formula that would check one to the other when I was asked for feedback.

A few clarifying questions and some simple suggestions that didn’t require formulas of any kind, enabled them to have a short discussion and support each other in finding a simplistic solution that would be easy to manage if someone else needed to do the same task further down the track.

The moral of the story…..in every organisation we often look for the “hard” way to solve a problem, rather than explore some “easy” fixes.  When we have a fresh set of eyes and open ourselves up to conversations, we can end up with a solution that is far easier than anything we may have considered.

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