Everything is easy when you know how

Everything is easy when you know how

Like riding a bike, everything is easy when you just now know to do it….

About 30 minutes into a recent one on one coaching with an executive, they shared that a colleague had recently raved about pivot tables in Excel.  When the colleague tried to explain them, the executive told me of eyes glazing over, and head nodding but no comprehension. 

The executive shared that the concept of pivot tables remained one of those “mystery” in their mind. They wondered did they really need them and if so, how were they ever going to understand them?

We chatted for a few minutes about the data they worked with and explored examples of where they might find the tool useful.  Five to ten minutes later, they had created their first pivot table using their own data and could see how this could enable analysis of key product data fast, accurate and easy.

No complicated formulas to learn, just understanding the technique as it applied to something specific and relevant to the person using them.

What could you and your team use help with improve productivity and collaboration?

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