It breaks my heart….

It breaks my heart….

I am often called in to work one on one with executives in organisations on Excel spreadsheets. In most, cases the executives are experts in their industry (hospitality, medical, finance, motor vehicles) but their Excel skills aren’t where they need to be to effectively fulfil their management role.

Some may have had executive support in a past role that handled anything with Excel, but many have simply gotten by with the limited knowledge they have but often at the cost of eating into their down time.

It breaks my heart when executives don’t get the support they need to have the skills to be able to quickly edit a spreadsheet with confidence that new numbers are correct or to be able to calculate landed costs based on varying exchange rates.

The upside of working with executives is the joy I get when we cut through the techno-babble and simplify Excel in a way that makes sense, increases their confidence in the software and empowers them to explore things further.

Many are surprised when I tell them that their industry expertise is most likely the reason they are with the business and that their Excel skills can be taught when they are presented in a relatable context.

Sometimes, it just needs someone outside the business to create the connection and reduce the stress. 

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