How to get more work done in less time

Stop Doing Things

When I present Microsoft Office productivity sessions to clients staff always ask how to get more work done in less time.

Everyone THINKS the way to get more done is to add more, but that often makes things worse!  One more thing, to learn, manage, do or remember.

Think about the start of every new year. So many people make resolutions to DO or ADD something, like lose weight or get fit. But I’m suggesting if you want to get more work done in less time, don’t ADD to your workload of tasks, try SUBTRACTING!

Consider what you could STOP doing.

Developed by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto in 1906, the Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rules states that 80% of outcomes can be attributed to 20% of activities.

When it comes to technology, everyone has at least one or two things they do with technology that are time wasters. Perhaps it is a report you do that you know no one uses or reads anymore; perhaps you know you say YES too often to help others out at the expense of your own priorities; or maybe it’s scrolling through LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter under the guise of “keeping in touch”.

We all have things we do that may once have provided us with value in our work lives but are now no longer valuable. Identify what no longer adds value to your day, or workflow, or team and STOP doing it.

An important side note, if what you want to stop doing is something you have done for others, you may want to check in to let them know or give then some notice before you stop doing it!

So, what are the next steps? If you want to know how to get more work done in less time, take some time to determine what you can or need to STOP doing and stop doing it!  What 20% of activities do you do that deliver 80% of your results?
You might be surprised at just how much you are doing that perhaps you no longer need to do?

Whilst this may seem like a common sense, simple change to make, they aren’t always easy. If you want more help getting productive with Microsoft Office programs, download my FREE 5 Microsoft Excel tips eBook at and really commit to making today the start of your most productive year EVER!

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