Productivity isn’t always about adding more

Productivity isn’t always about adding more

When it comes to productivity, the last couple of years have taught us that being productive doesn’t mean we have to be in a physical office.

The pandemic improved productivity for many, cutting out travel time to and from the office every day. Making meetings shorter with less travel time and shorter meetings. It gave us back extra hours to spend with family or doing tasks otherwise put off to evenings or weekends or working on projects we never seemed to have the time to start.

Although it was strange at first, we adapted, because we had no other choice.

Improving productivity doesn’t have to come from the latest gadget or the newest software.

It’s often the simplest things that can make the biggest difference.

Sometimes it’s not until we stop doing something we have always done, like the travel to and from work, or the hour long meetings, that we realize productivity gains. The gains aren’t just work related, they spill over into our work/life making us feel happier, healthier and nicer to be around.

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