Is Your Workplace Stressed

Is Your Workplace Stressed

Whilst delivering the last of several inhouse workshops for state sales teams of a national organisation on managing email and Microsoft Outlook, I asked when they thought it was acceptable to STOP responding to emails each day.

Not surprisingly it triggered discussion but the response of one of the manager’s surprised me.  The manager jokingly [sic] said “If it is one of mine, I expect them to answer straight away.”  Whilst I assumed it was a joke as a murmur of chuckles resonated through the group, I realised he was half serious!

Whilst today we have 24/7 connectivity, it doesn’t give business the right, nor the expectation to have staff contactable 24/7 (unless of course it’s part of your job description and you are remunerated accordingly).

For many workers, flippant comments, whilst said under a veil of jest, can make an environment more stressful.

If you manage or are part of a team that regularly interacts or relies on each other to achieve collaborative goals or targets, workplace stress can impact on success.

Organisation, Heads up have information on what makes a healthy workplace, workplace stress and it’s signs and contributing factors.

Could your communication with your colleagues or teammates be creating unintended stress?

Take a look at the article.

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