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When I ask people how they find the answer to a challenge in Excel or Word, I commonly hear the response “I Google it.” Whilst Google is great it has its challenges.  Firstly you need to KNOW what you are looking for – sometimes you know the outcome you want but not the technical term and secondly, when you find the answer, your problem is solved, but reality is there are probably 2 or more colleagues looking for the same answer who will potentially go through the same process.

So what’s the answer….share the knowledge with your colleagues. So if you have a colleague who might benefit from this month’s pointer, just pass it on.

In this blog post, we take a look at a function that is useful for automatically inserting the current date or calculating the difference between a date (such as a start date) and today’s date.

TODAY Function
The TODAY Function can be used on its own to automatically insert the current date according to your computer, but more often it is used in calculations to determine the difference between one date and today, for example days or years an employee has worked in your organisation.

It’s a very handy tool, if you are used it before, do you know a colleague who could benefit from knowing it too? Why not send this pointer onto them….

Excel 2007
Excel 2010
Excel 2013

And here are the videos

TODAY Function – MP4 Format
TODAY Function – WMV Format

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