Time to update?

Time to update?

Awhile ago, I was in a meeting with an executive of a company whose product requires an investment of around $100,000 per sale.

I’d conducted interviews with various managers in the organisation about the productivity challenges the organisation faced and the common theme that was coming up was a compatibility issue as a result of their software being so old, they couldn’t open documentation they received from customers in a newer format.  It was frustrating for them to have to ask customers to resend the documents in an older format to make it easier.

The executive’s thoughts were, it wasn’t broken so why fix it?

I asked a single question that got the executive thinking….

The question I asked was “What message are you sending to your customers and your staff when you expect your customers to invest in updating to your new equipment but you won’t update the equipment (software) that your staff use?”

Sometimes things require updating even if they aren’t broken.

Sometimes we don’t even know they are broken, or on their last legs until we do something differently.

When was the last time you and your team updated your skills with technology you use every day?  It doesn’t have to be expensive and you might be surprised at the result.

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