What’s an Induction??

What’s an Induction??

When I began working, people starting in an organisation used to go through an induction process.

For larger organisations an induction was often a whole or half day. For small organisations it’s was as simple as a quick walk around the building and maybe shadowing a colleague for a day or more.

However many organisations are actually skipping the induction process entirely. Purely because they so busy they need to get new staff started.

The problem occurs further down the track when someone does the ‘wrong’ thing.

Maybe it that they haven’t used the organisational branding in a Word document or a Powerpoint presentation, they’ve made a mistake in an Excel worksheet because the person showing them how to do it was only shown once, or worse they’re overloaded by the volume of work they have to do but don’t say anything as they try to cope in their new environment.

When operating without guidelines, however simple or complex they may be, most humans will create their own.

Does your organisation have an induction process?
If so, consider how old it is and whether instead of helping new starters it’s hindering their ability to hit the ground running on arrival.

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